Tulisan Orang Insomnia

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lately, I have this difficulty to sleep. Last night is the worst. I feel absolutely-not-sleepy. It was very hard for me to even just close my eyes for ten minutes without open it again. If finally I was succeed to fall asleep, one hour later I woke up. I thought, I must be very tired when I wake up in the morning, but you know what, I still feel fresh. As fresh as a fruit!

Is this what so called Insomnia? Gosh.. wish it doesn’t happen to me… But how come I can be like this?? Is it because I always think about my boyfriend and all troubles that lie between us..? Or is it just because those fucking mosquitoes..? (By the way, I killed 4 mosquitoes in my room tonight..) Or is it because the very famous hot weather in Jakarta…? The right answer maybe is a mix of those things. Yep. Perfect combination.

So now.. here I am, still starring at my lappy, writing something which I don’t know what I really want to talk about, and waiting for that sleepy feeling come to me. Also accompany by Dr.Grey from the famous Grey’s Anatomy serial, I’m getting more awake.

Actually, I really want to call someone, who usually be a late night sleeper. My number one choice is fall to my boyfriend. But, since I still upset to him and he seems doesn’t really care, so I throw that choice down. My second and third choices are fall to my best friends. But none of them are in Bandung or Jakarta right now. Romy is still at Solo and Harry still at Padang so I can’t call them with my cheap-esia-call. Dex, like usual, is still at Bogor but he doesn’t has esia number so I can’t use that cheap call too.. Shoot!

So.. again.. here I am babbling something which I know doesn’t important at all while tomorrow I must get up early because I have to go to the hospital before I go to my office… Hmmppphhhhh… What a night…

Fuckin’ Jakarta, 1 am in the morning.