I wish

Thursday, August 23, 2007

IwishIwasnotsober.I wish last night I drank bottles oftequila. IwishIdidn'tmetyou. I wish I was not theonly one.I-wish-I-wassophisticatedenoughto/dive/in/your/bed.IwishI could explore every inch of your body. I wish I could smell your parfume and lick away your pain as if Im in a lot of hunger.IwishIdidn'tsleep. I-wish-Icouldn'tclosemyeyes.IwishIwasnot dreaming about you. IwishIwasinaheavycongestion. IwishIcouldflywhileI heardthislousymusic. IwishIhadenough! I wish I was atthebeach. I wish I could dance in the water. I wish I can shake my head and bang it to the wall. I wish I wasdeaf.IwishIcouldgotothepast. I wish I was addicted. I wish I could meet my guardian-angel. I wish I was stagnant. IwishIwaspregnant.

Too much wishes will kill you...