It's Been A (Long) While

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi All! Suddenly my writing mood comes back! Along with some energy to keep staring at my laptop without getting dizzy - well, honestly it started to make me dizzy.. So, I think I'll just make it quick! :D

My today condition : 3 months preganant, still having morning sick but no more throw up - thank God.. Because when I was pregnant from 6 weeks to 10 weeks, I lost my weight for about 1,5 kilos.. Bad.. But thank God again, my baby is fine. In fact, at my second visit to my doctor, I see my baby hands and foot moving around in my tummy from the USG scan! Even at that time, he/she was just about 5 cm long! But it was an awesome experience... My hubby couldn't talk for several minutes after he saw our baby on the monitor.. So sweet isn't it? Can't wait to see my baby! :D

My current job : keeping my body healthy because I through a quite hard condition with this skinny body and low blood preasure. Fiuuuhhh.... Even if I just reading blogs or browsing my facebook for a while, it already gave me a dizzy and usually it will be followed by a throw up :( In a bright side, I grew up a lot of patient lately. Hopefully, it can be good for my baby. Keep growing strong for mommy and daddy, ancil! (oyea, we decided to call him/her ancil - meaning anky kecil - before he/she was born and if we had a second baby, then it my turns to call our second baby racil as for ratie kecil. Hehehe...)

My current second job is doing the financial control for our cafe and do some late night meeting with my hubby *at our bed of course..* to discuss the progress of our cafe. Isn't it goood? Hwehehehehe....   

The cafe now is growing. We face a lot of problems but I think we can still handle it. Luckily, we have a very good employee and a very supportive investor. I just hope we all can survive the first year and keep going on with a lot of improvements. Amin! Oyea, I'm so happy when few of my friends gave a visit to the cafe! Some came from Jakarta, some are from Bandung and of course most of them are from Bogor. It was really cheer me up because usually I just stuck in my house with my family. Thanks to all of you guys! And for those who also want to come, here is the address : 

The Podjok Hangout Place
Jl.Bangbarung Raya (Ahmad Sobana) No.62
Bantarjati - Bogor

Next time I'll try to make a map to the place so you wouldn't get lost, like one of my friend did - Sorry, mbak intan...

So, see you on another time! I think my writing become a lil bit serious this time.. Haha.. Sorry for that. Seems like I must practice more since it's been a while I didn't update my blog. Hehehe.. Love to see you again guys! Hugs!!!