Kick Ass!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Semalem Jakarta macet gila dan semalem saya dibilang ga sabaran sama orang.


After a very long minutes waiting for the taxi to come under the cold rain, after a lil' fight with the taxi driver because he refused to take us to where we wanna go, after a sooo fuckin' terrible traffic jam I ever suffered, after a lot of pain in my legs because I used them a lot last night, after hearing my stomach growl like hell because every resto or food stall that we visited was already closed, and after went home at nearly 11 pm, exhausted and sleepy, HE tell me that I'm impatient.

How could a day went as much perfect as THAT!!!


But.. ya sudlah... Everyone had their own bad day (or night) and one of mine maybe just happen yesterday. Sorry if I sound ridiculous.. But I need to kick it out because the bitter feeling still stick in my tongue 'till this morning. And that what blog's for, right?? Haha..

Anywayzz, now I'm counting days to my resignation!! YIPPEEEE!!! It's just around the corner! It's just another 5,5 working days 'till I'm free and leaving this city!! Gosh.. Sometimes I still can't believe I did THIS!! But thinking about what I'm gonna do after this, thinking about the whole plan to reach IT, thinking about the step that I'm gonna take, thinking about the tough challenge that really tickle me, thinking about my liberation from the strangled-office-hour, I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!!!!

Yeah.. I know after my decission to leave the office, everything will be tripple hard because there will be no one to tell me what to do. There will be no rules so I must kick my own ass and motivating me by MY OWN SELF!! And for the lazy me.. it's quite hard. Hahaha... But I know I can do it!! You see, world.. One day.. One day and everything that I dreamed for will come true. And dear GOD, please help me. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.....

Out of The Path

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This morning, I wake up with a lil bit of dull feeling. Mostly it's because the oh-not-so-goin-well communication with the oh-you-must-be-know-who person... Yes, my hubby and this whole LDR thingy stress me out!

After a lazy yawning and a few blinks to gather my concious, I start preparing my "army" to take a bath. I put my shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shower puff, and also my undies to a basket. When I reach my underwear box, I can't find my black bra that match with my black panties. Doh! I maybe forget to wash it before.. In normal situation, I'll find my pink ribbon bra along with the very matched pink ribbon panties of mine. But in this dull morning, I try something different. I wear a black panties with my stripey white bra! And suddenly I feel great! I start to think, oohh.. this combination is very nice indeed. Maybe I'll need more kind of "combination" for my life! It doesn't have to be so big, but this tiny change from your path or your habit every morning can lighten up your day, even just a bit!

Later than, I was prepared for going to my office. Again, in normal situation, I'll took a kopaja. Two reasons for riding a kopaja : first my office quite near *so I don't have to be inside the bus for a very long time* - just about 15 minutes in a typical Jakarta's morning traffic from my rent. And two, of course because it's cheap! But this morning, instead of jumping to a kopaja, I jump to a taxi *with a lil bit worry in my heart*! I dunno.. I always had this worry feeling to ride a cab when Im gonna go to my office because in my thought that tiny distance -between my rent and my office- is not supposed to be traveled by a taxi! It's too close! And I always worried that the taxi driver will kick me out from his taxi and decided not to give me a ride.. Hiks... But at this special morning where I cross my finger to do something out of my path since the "unmatched bra" incidents, I took a cab to my office!! And luckily I got a very nice old man as my taxi driver who didn't kick me out from his cab. Hahaha...

Now, I still have my problems but the way I look at the world seems different. It feels like Im wearing a colorful sunglasses today.... So... like I told you before, this whole "out of the path" things do lighten up my day! You should try it sometimes! Cheerio!!

PS : Pardon me if you find inappropriate grammar or any misspelled words.. Sometimes I do it nastily. Hehe..

Impulsive? pt.2

Monday, October 06, 2008

Okay... kayanya emang butuh kegalauan untuk mulai menulis lagi di blog tercinta yang udah lama gw anggurin ini.. Haha... *maafkan aku blogkuuu..mmuaah...mmuaahhh* Padahal sekarang koneksi internet gw udah 24 jam, cuma dasarnya males.. jadi aja ga produktif.. Well, what I'm gonna write now, more or less, is related to my previous blog entry. Key words : dream, fear and comfort zone. So let's begin....


Entah kenapa, pagi tadi, setelah gw masuk lagi ke kantor, after a smashing-great-big-holiday, that thought cross my mind. Tiba-tiba gw pengen resign dari kerjaan gw sekarang! It's just came out from no where! Okay, maybe not really exactly like that... Ada sih sesuatu atau duaatu *ribet bgt siih??!! Haha..* yang mengembalikan kesadaran gw akan mimpi2 gw yang -ternyata- terlupakan oleh gw selama gw kerja kantoran ini. Gw baca lagi buku lama punya suami gw yg judulnya "Clueless in Starting a Business". It's a really nice book for people like me. Gw nemu buku yang sangat inspiratif hari minggu kemarin di Gramed tentang 30 cerita sukses orang-orang yang semuanya merasakan gagal di awal-awal perjuangan mereka menuju sukses *name it : Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg, Lance Armstrong, Helen Keller, Michael Jordan, Anita Roddick they are a real fighter! Lo ga tau kan Michael Jordan waktu SMAnya pernah ditolak masuk tim basket? Well, that's what made him now!* Gw barusan buka facebook salah satu temen gw yang really slap my face hard just because I know she's now trying to pursue her dream! And me? WHERE HAVE I BEEN ??!!!

Shit... Gw udah terlalu lama berada di comfort zone gw! I miss my rebel side! I miss my flamming spirit! I miss me taking risk and winning it!!

Gw tau, bakat gw dari kecil adalah bisnis. And I love it so much! Gw suka jualan, bahkan dari sejak gw SD gw udah jualan pita rambut bikinan gw sendiri. I also like fashion, so one of my big dream is becoming this successful woman who own a big brand of fashion like Mango or Zara or Topshop but 100% made in Indonesia! But now, I feel really powerless... Gw tau, klo gw emang pengen mulai merintis mimpi gw, gw ga bisa setengah2. I have to choose now, work in the office with a monthly sallary or struggling to build my business with a losing-money risk!

GERAAAHHH!!!!! Gw emang udah punya target bahwa gw ga akan terlalu lama kerja kantoran. Tujuan gw kerja kantoran memang salah satunya untuk menabung, mempersiapkan kehidupan rumah tangga gw. But I didn't expect this THING came out pretty soon!! Padahal nabung aja gw belom banyak...

Hmmmmmppphhhhhhh.. Kalo gw cerita sama suami gw, dia pasti akan langsung nyuruh gw keluar saat ini juga. He always knew I have this big dream and he's realy supporting me! Tapi lagi-lagi gw GA BERANI!!! Okay, bukan GA tapi BELUM. But, setelah pagi ini, terlepas dari apa yang gw rasakan ini ekses dari libur yang kelamaan ato bukan, impulsive ato bukan, gw bener-bener pengen resign. Yah.. ga besok banget sih.. Maybe in a few months? Don't know... Pertimbangan terbesar gw dalam mempertahankan kerja kantoran ini adalah KEPASTIAN MEMPEROLEH UANG SETIAP BULANNYA. Apalagi suami gw tercinta pun sedang berjuang merintis mimpinya dengan menjadi seorang freelance movie editor slash scriptwriter yang tentu aja, ga punya pendapatan tetap juga.

Bingung sekaligus excited!!!! Oh goooooddddd.... What should I do now???



Kok pengen brenti kerja yah? Dan mengejar mimpi saya...


What d'ya think...?