September, 26th 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last night, he proposed.

Not with a ring, not with a romantic dinner, nor with a rose flower.
He proposed me with one kiss. One deep kiss. One meaningful kiss...

I never saw him as sweet as that night. I never saw so many love come through his eyes like that night. I never felt such warmth circling my body like that night.

I love you,too.. is all I can say in silent. Try to reply his love with no words. Because our eyes tell much more than our mouth at that night. And suddenly, I cried. I cried in happiness. Tears flown from my eyes while I smiled. He hugged me. Tight. Whispering that he loved me so much in my ear. I know,dear.. I can feel it...


Gosh.. even when I write this this morning, my eyes glistened with tears. I still can feel all tremendous feeling in my heart at that night. September, 26th night. A night where full moon appears. And under the moon, we also declared our dream. We yelled our dream to the Almighty ALLAH.

"Ya Allah, dengerin doa rati yaaaaa...!" He yelled after I declared my 20 years dream. Tears again in my eyes. When his turn came, I also yelled the same to ALLAH. I hope we can always be together until death apart our body. I hope we can against all odds by holding each other hand. Together loving ALLAH too. Together build a happy family. Together reach our dreams.

Ya Allah, this is my pray to YOU.
Please... Keep him safe for me. We haven't do anything in this life.
We are just about to start our dream. We hope you can make all this plan going smooth for us.
Because all the things we do, we do it because of YOU. Amin.