Kick Ass!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Semalem Jakarta macet gila dan semalem saya dibilang ga sabaran sama orang.


After a very long minutes waiting for the taxi to come under the cold rain, after a lil' fight with the taxi driver because he refused to take us to where we wanna go, after a sooo fuckin' terrible traffic jam I ever suffered, after a lot of pain in my legs because I used them a lot last night, after hearing my stomach growl like hell because every resto or food stall that we visited was already closed, and after went home at nearly 11 pm, exhausted and sleepy, HE tell me that I'm impatient.

How could a day went as much perfect as THAT!!!


But.. ya sudlah... Everyone had their own bad day (or night) and one of mine maybe just happen yesterday. Sorry if I sound ridiculous.. But I need to kick it out because the bitter feeling still stick in my tongue 'till this morning. And that what blog's for, right?? Haha..

Anywayzz, now I'm counting days to my resignation!! YIPPEEEE!!! It's just around the corner! It's just another 5,5 working days 'till I'm free and leaving this city!! Gosh.. Sometimes I still can't believe I did THIS!! But thinking about what I'm gonna do after this, thinking about the whole plan to reach IT, thinking about the step that I'm gonna take, thinking about the tough challenge that really tickle me, thinking about my liberation from the strangled-office-hour, I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!!!!

Yeah.. I know after my decission to leave the office, everything will be tripple hard because there will be no one to tell me what to do. There will be no rules so I must kick my own ass and motivating me by MY OWN SELF!! And for the lazy me.. it's quite hard. Hahaha... But I know I can do it!! You see, world.. One day.. One day and everything that I dreamed for will come true. And dear GOD, please help me. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.....