Friday, January 15, 2010

Got a present from my lovely husband...

He just put it next to my laptop. I found it at 2 am, when I got up because of my crying baby. Guess what's in it.. Clue : Heavy! Very Heavy! It must be book(s), I think. What book(s)? Mmmmh.. Lemme guess.. The Sartorialist?? Owwwh.. I really want that book! How come does he knew?

So, I unwrap the cover very slowly because I don't wanna wake my asleep baby and find four books in it! All of them is the book that I picked and showed to him when we went to a bookstore one day. From those four, there are two books that I just wanna buy for pleasure and he never let me buy it. Even he mocked me for having a thought to buy those books. *Guess which one.. ups.. two.. Haha..* And now he gave it to me as a present! Awwwwhhh... So sweet! ;P

He's so thoughtful.. I'm very surprised indeed. And now I love him even more.

Thanks ya Allah for all of this blessing, happiness, the joy of my little family and even for your trial that you gave to me. I'm so grateful. Happy bday to me! Yeay! :D


My mom also throw me some surprise! Donuts for breakfast! Yumm..yumm..sugahh! Haha..

The Donuts

The cutie pie

The hubby and the cutie pie

Birthday mommy and her cutie pie

Birthday mommy, cutie pie and the donut