Bad Weekend

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It all started with a gloomy friday night when I knew that she was died.

After that, my moods got low.
It sunk.

Even a fancy dinner at a very expensive restaurant after that, not made myself feel better.
It just made myself reallyyy....uncomfortable.
Like..I'm not belong there.
But still.. I tried to enjoy that yummy cheese, the sparkling wine, and the bestfriends.

Then, I got home.
Tired and fucked up.
Hoping tomorrow will be better.

But the day after wasn't so nice either.
I want a nice-big-fat sleep and a time to break but this family thing keep annoyed me and made me goin' crazy for the whole fuckin day!

How could you say it is a weekend if your head keep spining around like hell and your feeling is blue??!!!